When holding a party or wedding reception, we understand how important it is to give your guests a night to remember. Keeping a guests glass full is one thing we know to be exceedingly important and one thing we are exceptionally good at. Our talented team of mixologists and flairers offer not only a tasty cocktail, but give your guests entertainment throughout the night. If you are looking for drinks that are a little more interesting than beer and wine, our team can devise a cocktail menu that appeals to your taste, blends with your theme and one that suits your budget.

We source and supply local and fresh ingredients for your chosen cocktails to ensure that they are as tasty as possible. We do our market research and know the drinks that are current and in vogue at any given time. The drinks and ingredients used by us are always the best available because we believe taste, texture and appearance are incredibly important to you and your guests.

If you would like to know more, please enquire here or give us a call on 01892 532200.

Below we have collated our favourite cocktails for you to get inspiration from.

Vodka Based

Black Russian

Liquid Cocaine

Blue Lagoon



Sea Breeze


Cranberry Chiller

Sex on The Beach

Moscow Mule

Mambo 5

Woo Woo

Expresso Martini

Rum Based

Blue Hawaii

Dark n Stormy

Pink Lady

Cuba Libre

Rose Sherbert With A Twist


Dirty Pirate

Raspberry Mojito

Strawberry Daquiri

Gin Based

Tom Collins

Pink Gin & Tonic

Gin Fizz

Chelsea Rose

Gin and tonic water served over ice in a tumbler with a wedge of lime

Gin & Tonic

Ruby Cooler

Champagne & Prosecco


Aperol Spritz

French 75

Black Shadow


Raspberry Fizz

Kir Royale Speciale

Mojito Royale

Other Spirits & Bases


Apple & Roots


Lynchburg Lemonade

Scarlet Pimpernel


Tequila Sunrise

Big Mac Daddy

Long Cointreaupolitan

For the summer seasons you might like some Tiki style, rum based cocktails with fruity flavours such as pineapple and raspberry. For these perhaps try the Raspberry Mojito, Pink Lady or a Dirty Pirate. Or if you like fresher classic flavours with mint and lime, a Mojito, Caipiroska or our favourite champagne cocktail, the Hugo may be the choices for you. Over the Winter, you may want warmer flavours and we can always brew you up some spiced mulled wine. You may also have a theme for your party, so we can organise glasses and styles of drinks to match this. We can design cocktails depending on the theme for your party, for example a Great Gatsby theme calls for gin cocktails in short tumblers or champagne in vintage glasses or a lots of rum and punch for a Hawaiian beach theme.

If you are located in the South East of England, in the counties Surrey, Sussex or Kent, you are in the perfect location to hire a cocktail bar from us. We don’t charge additionally for transportation and we also offer sale or return on all the drinks, which means that if your guests do not drink everything on offer, we will buy it back.

We understand that this is your celebration and we want to do everything we can to ensure that you and your guests have a fantastic and memorable time. Choosing to employ our barmen and hire a cocktail bar from us for the night will guarantee you a spectacular show of cocktail shakers flying through the air, delicious drinks and consistent professionalism. Whatever your tipple, we can supply recipes, ingredients, glasses and our experienced staff will shake you up a refreshing drink. We can also provide bowls of sweets to be placed on the bar for your guests to enjoy whilst awaiting their cocktail, and we are told time after time that it is little touches like these that differentiate good service with great service. Our barmen are friendly, polite, and efficient, they are bound to be a real talking point of the evening.

Also on offer are a variety of special touches for your occasion, including vodka luges, bar snacks and bespoke cocktail menus to make the event unique and tailor-made. A quirky addition when you hire a mobile cocktail bar is a tree of assorted flavour lollies, which we know to be incredibly popular at parties and provide a tasty alternative to nuts and crisps. And if you are looking for something more sophisticated, we can supply wasabi crackers or green and black olives to add a touch of class, which may go down better with your guests. Vodka luges are incredibly versatile; they can seem incredibly chic or can be an amusing party pleaser. Simply pour a measure into the channel at the top of the luge and within seconds a beautifully chilled shot will be dispensed into your shot glass or straight into your mouth!

Cocktail Staff Hire

Vodka Luges

Bar Snacks