Giant Tipis Marquee

The Giant Tipi provides more than just an alternative to the standard white marquee. Your event becomes an experience in itself – the natural feel and warmth created under the Kåta canvas is as uniquely gorgeous as each event they house.  The Kåta is the creative backdrop for our clients’ celebrations; dressed or undressed it’s just as stunning. The versatility of these tents allows them to be linked together to provide a venue suitable for any large event, wedding, party or celebration. They can be set up in a wide variety of configurations according to personal taste and to suit the surroundings. If there is a fantastic view, focal point or simply sunny weather, the Giant Hat’s sides can be raised to allow this to be experienced from within. Whilst the Giant Hat Tipi is most popular as a wedding and party tent, it is also ideal for other events such as trade shows and product launces to festivals and music workshops.

To Stand To Seat To Sleep Suggested Tent
30 – 100 20 – 65 10 – 40 Giant Tipi (Sides Down)
30 – 170 20 – 120 N/A Giant Tipi (Sides Raised)
50 – 200 40 – 180 20 – 90 Two Giant Tipi Linked
100 – 320 80 – 260 40 – 140 Three Giant Tipi Linked
150 – 450 130 – 340 60 – 200 Four Giant Tipi Linked

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